Breathing in the invisible air,
Something that keeps the body alive,
Why is that so involuntary, just like our birth.
I often think, knowing nothing at all about everything, is it fair?

The questions that root within us,
Flowing through these nerves,
Rushing to our brains to form an understanding,
To make sense of the chaos of this curse.

How would you define life!?
If defining self is so complex?
Have you looked in the mirror and seen the mirage formed by your thirsty brain?
Only to make it all meaningful, cz unanswered questions pierce in it like the knife.

Hushing down and lowering the loud questions into whispers,
Locking them down in the prison of mind,
Gives a silent birth to another self,
Born with traits in the shadows that brain covers.

It’s not a choice to face the existential crisis,
It never was, not even to be born.
All just seems like mere synchronised form patterns.
Not sure if that makes us pawns or something more liberating, they’re all just mere theses.

The nature though, exists along with us it stands
It’s beautiful to watch the ocean, like the water really knows its purpose.
The trees reaching out to the sky, like little girls singing along.
Somehow they all just seem to know the truth about the questions we don’t understand.

Probably it’s the fact that each of the elements know, they survive because of the other.
The fact that humanity’s struggling to digest,
Cz in the darkness of the self importance, we’ve lost the connection.
It’s only matter of time that we realise, that we’re just beads inside a kaleidoscope, dimensional reflections of eachother.

Being happy will help? Was that our purpose?
Or we’ll spend more ages till extinction to understand the true nature of existence?
All just random perceptions of how it makes sense to one direction of sight.
How can we just ignore, there must be the king of this circus?

The multiple versions of the Same story,
Each trying to shout out their truth.
About the meaning of life and understanding of the existentialism
Yet each seem still soaked in their own gratification and glory.

Where it all ends is what we fear of all the time,
What we have to lose to be holding the fear,
Its said it’s the phobia of uncertainty and unknown,
But isn’t that how we lived our entire life calling it fine?

So where to begin?
All the stories stitched by our brain,
To which the soul sings the tune of the wisdom.
The little imbalance in it and a stubborn will to exist, thats all keeping us going within.


Precognitive Memory

Standing stunned right in front of the hotel built on the lines of a Bavarian Castle Neushwanstien, the one I used to have in my dreams and had to hunt it down to find it, was a moment that embraced my true nature. ‘See what’s beyond your vision, there’s a lot to question.’ Growing up believing this ideology and being the misfit in the crowd, I started my trip right in the moment of amazement. Walking in the castle replica, hotel Amrutha Castle, Hyderabad welcomed me into a dimension of surprises. Hyderabad is called the pearl city of India and indeed the oyster of various shades of life. Stories beyond history, culture beyond tradition and experience beyond emotions. The walk through the hotel would just have been one of the usual one, no one would have guessed a random college trip would start with questions towards the universe and it’s well stitched coincidences. I walked through the exact places I saw in dreams, wanting me more and more to visit the original castle. This was itself one step leading to another and just the beginning. The trip to Hyderabad gave me stories to embrace for life. That’s what travel is about I guess, reconnecting to life and exposing to rethink what you believe. I walked into the different realms in this place. The old city of Hyderabad had the vintage shade of the Islamic rulers with the spiral climb through the narrow way in the pillars of Charminar, to witness the city view through the eyes of the rulers. Abiding in the city centre I could see the different shades of the city like the Mecca Masjid besides, reflecting the serenity with people walking in for peace and the pearl market depicting the lively chaos of people setting free to enjoy the treat of embracing and buying pearls on the other side. Pure ironic. Experiencing one of the best site of this city, Ramoji Film City was amazing as it took us to the trail of man-made world of the various stories and films that came to life there.

This city had yet to change my perspective. One of the stunning attraction was the Birla Temple, made with pure white marble, carved into a complete exquisite detailed architecture was a gateway to a world of yet another experience. I realised there that being a devotee wasn’t even the criteria to feel the energies and vibes of peace within the ambience. I watched the peace get into the breaths of my friends so deep that few broke down in tears of pure happiness. To add up to this the kids playing nearby looking at the panorama of the city pointing out to the castle building saying ‘Look the prince and princesses stay there.’ Those were the moment I stepped back thinking, unknowingly we live in the stories that might be fairy tales for many and that peace didn’t need religion it needed the simplicity of life and the energy of hopes. We often forget to realise these life lessons, I guess that itself strives us to travel. To remember what we have, to experience what we need and to see what’s beyond the horizon of the thoughts. This trip had a lot in store to pen down in words, most of which evolved into memories of thrill, stories, lessons of life and experiences. Trip started with the precognition of a dream and it turned into an entire new reality teaching me to upgrade my perspective with each trip, each travel story and grow along with it. It was the unforgettable beginning of the quest of life that began with the curiosity to hunt for more such questions, lust of knowledge and thrill to live.

Tourism for all: Promoting universal accessibility (India)


Tourism is observed as the crucial aspect responsible for the evolution of human life. It allowed to widen the horizons of human mind leading to the epitome of human growth. India was blessed with the shades of vibrant understanding of importance of tourism since the beginning of time which developed the face of India as it is. The mythology expert, Devdutt Pattanaik gave interesting insights by explained a theory to understand how significant travel destinations are in India. The saints of India realised that the reason of spiritual growth of humans are inter-related to travel. Travel is very crucial for spiritual as well as growth of human mind. The search of enlightenment of Buddha started with the same travel. With every journey he learnt lessons of life which further took Him to His final moto. Understanding of life and birth was His purpose. Significance of travel was seen beyond the realms of exploring places and was moreover connected to daily life and life as a universal being. Hence, the temples were placed across the city, state and overall the countries. This encouraged the devotees to travel and increase their travel experiences because it was not supposed to be limited till saints and yogis. According to them gyanna i.e. knowledge is needed by everyone. This eventually led to the transformation of the mind with each travel experience. This were the true intentional blessings received by the devotees from their Gods. The stories were framed and woven accordingly to make the commoners relate and develop faith towards travel. The saints successfully encouraged travel in the souls of a lot of people. Till date the most appreciated and tourist visited places include these pilgrimage destinations.

It’s interesting how the essence of travel that is followed since ages has a complete distinct level of depth. The core idea behind this was not only to encourage spiritual mind but also this lead commoners to step aside from their routine and follow their faith which indirectly would lead them to explore themselves through travel. Understanding that faith was flowing deep inside the commoners like farmers, villagers, rich, poor, potters, builders etc. which would trigger and inspire them to do something beyond the routine and visit Ashtavinayak, Char Dham yatra etc. which are spread across the states and the country. The development of the human mind was seen to be a ‘human right’ which had no categories or limitations implied upon. Everyone’s existence had equal impact in the universe. India showed an impressive perk by understanding this and showing us the eye opening importance of tourism for all.

India true potential of tourism is still veiled for the world and for the Indians themselves. The country has got uniqueness in each corner. It is a well versed poem and also blend of ironies and metaphors. It can show you all the shades of the world in one place. History, culture, wild life, people, cuisines, name it and India has got entire menu card for each one of them. Each factor is equally important for every human on earth, no matter what definition society has attached to them. The disabled, tourists and locals, families with small children, seniors and everyone else deserve to explore what this world has in store for each one of them. Presently tourism isn’t accessible to these people in the shadows.

The initiative which allows universal accessibility to everyone serves the true purpose of tourism. This initiative will not only results in the growth of tourism but also can be seen as a social contribution because it redefines the stereotypical social limitations. Such are the chapters that mark the change in the history. The changes brought about by this initiative encourage the people in the shadows to dream of a promising future. The revolutionary idea not only makes tourism accessible for any and every human on earth but also lets them break their own boundaries that they set for themselves.

The disabled will be more independent when they get to explore their dream destinations right from Kerala to Agra and beyond. The senior citizens would be able to explore their souls till the last breath. Although such changes aren’t easy but they play an important role in changing the entire face of tourism. The legacy of India of understanding the true moral of tourism which also allows us to breathe in the entire essence of the country is to be followed like an art. The globe is yet to see the true strength of India as a glimpse of the world within itself and this time entire planet will see it, including each one no matter what limitations they think they hold.

6 Things only Fiction lovers will understand!😇

(1) Every fiction seems to be the new possibility!
Fiction lovers are not necessarily just random movie watchers. In fact, most of them are crazy curious asses researching everything that blows their mind. So whenever a new science fiction movie pops up with a new theory, that’s like the new possibility the nerds might dig their head into!


(2) Fiction touches heart more than any other genre!
Harry Potter?! He’s someone we grew up with. One of our own. Right from he getting the scar till the part where Voldermort is defeated, all of it is the part of our childhood. No it’s not hyperbole…but the Ultimate truth.


(3) Laws of nature shouldn’t apply for our favourites!
We can’t digest the fact the characters are growing old. F.R. I.E.N. D.S is the best example. They can’t be old. No ways! Laws of nature shouldn’t apply to them 😭😭😠


(4) We want to be our favourite’s saviour always!
If our favourite character seems to get weak and is hurt instantly there is an inner voice popping out screaming “Take my energy gokuuu!” or even foul words if Naruto is hurt!


(5) Fiction is hope of life!
The superheroes are hope of our life. Right from Deadpool to Iron man. They have changed our lives & given hopes to love our lives a little more!


*Marvel fan alert!* 😂😂😉
(6) Usual life and Career seems boring!
The usual routine and careers suddenly seem boring. We kinda wish for some crazy lives too. It may seem monotonous to us… Yet We live  it anyway! 😂 “Is there any opening for a private detective? Eh?”😂😉


Reader’s Request: 1. Soul

After a pretty long time I have finally settled down to share all the vivid thoughts over the topic suggested by my favourite peeps out there. And first one I chose to share a perspective about is Soul!


Always been fascinated with this concept of “soul”. A shapeless energy form or the core of the real self is what soul is described as technically. But isn’t it intriguing how we have wandered around this quest of existence of soul as good as existence of God. Not saying that they are totally related but then just stating facts.
Soul is where all the answers lie. It’s a version which knows everything. Your soul is something that knows so much about you and everything else that all this life is about how closer you got to achieve your higher self, the ultimate version, your soul.

Life would be so much easier if we saw ourselves as a soul being inside a body vessel & not as a body vessel having a soul.

This quote was an eye opener to me years before when I read it for the first time. This was a little statement with so much of depth trying to remind us of how wrong we were right from the beginning. If we would see ourselves as a soul versions, our description of beauty might not be the makeup masked face or tall physique,gym body nor the character would be described by judgements passed based on the society norms. Instead beauty would be something that the soul would radiate. Character would be something the soul followed. And most importantly no one would be fake. Yep, seems so like fantasy! Because it literally strikes out half of the mess in the world, including racism, religious discrimination, sexism, wars & the list probably goes on.
So question is why? If we can clearly see it now where we go wrong why can’t we adjust to that n fix it? Like after reading all of that bookish philosophical stuff that you probably know & heard a lot about in a lot of places…why can’t you still see people’s soul but just their face & the physical form. Why can’t you see the soul radiating out of them flashing their character. Well answer is for that you’ll have to know your soul first. And by that I don’t mean bluntly accepting & concluding “yes I have a soul it’s inside me” just because everything in the world is telling you so! It’s an experience to actually feel it inside you & there’s a part where you realize that tadann that’s the real you the whole time. Just silently hiding there stuck inside this body and tadann one more surprise you realize you forgot why you got inside this body at the first place. Yes it’s Trippy & nope I’m not kidding. It’s exactly that way. Frame it in technical terms & again it turns into some philosophy! By the way this part was just the start of it. Here you actually realize there’s a soul in you. While all this might be scary to experience, to see it all is actually true, you start to see the bigger picture. Problems seem to be aligned in a way that you know a way out & what not. Things become clear. It takes a lot of efforts to actually get there not because soul is so complicated but because we are mostly blinded. Blinded by faith. By fear of what we might discover. Blinded by  materialism & you know the list would go on.
Point is that’s our choice, to take a step there & find out all the answers we are looking for. Or just turn around back into this race. Some never feel their own soul. Never! They are too busy with satisfying the body probably ending up stuck into never-ending pointless loop till they have their wake up call! 😉
Now that’s the thing, we choose to learn, to know & to experience everything we are about to and we already did. Making choices, Right choices to be precise is something our higher self would know better. That’s all the life is about. To evolve into something that you already are hiding beneath. Trick is just realizing how.
It’s as good as saying if you have a wonderful master brain inside you and you are given access to just 10% of it. What would you do? Adjust to everything around in the 10% given or evolve to access all of it & know what you really have? 😉 Choices you know.

Fear: Loop of traps


Fear has grown to be the disguised reason behind every misery including war, hate, religion, lie etc. Reason behind anything to rise high enough that we can’t see beyond it lies humanity is fear.
“Real enemy is fear, we think it’s hate but it’s fear” -Gandhi
Human mind is tricky, it can create entire new version of world inside it. One of it’s creation is ‘Fear’. It can build entire vast hold on it. Fear is a mere trap placed by your mind to stop you from seeing beyond it. It’s a mirage, just a negative one. It won’t comfort you, but take you far away from it.
Fear can be seen in different types including phobias, fears caused by lack of knowledge, wrong believes, cultures, stories, etc. Simply anything can lead to fear because your mind is its creator and it’s vast to fit all the universes in it.

“Fear is a choice. Don’t be mistaken, Danger…is real, very real. But your action towards it is your choice.” -After Earth  


All your actions to anything you frame as dangerous leads to a choice taken as fear. Emotions are highly connected to this concept. Anything that is precious can be lost, fear of loss. Mind games? Do you see it? Again, emotions are very real but choice of thinking about its loss or experiencing them right in the moment is the choice made. Fear of loss of things started because emotions of giving reduced. As humans will get closer to loss of connection within themselves, by connection I mean on the soul level… Subconscious level, more the fears will take over the human minds.
We no more can feel a soul to any depths. Feel someone’s pain, feel their happiness, like our own. It’s a rare phenomenon now. With loss of such depth, all we are left with fears that fill those blank spaces there. Fear of pain, fear of loss of happiness, more of common phenomenon now, so common that’s its now a part of human psychology & even in its study now


You see the point here love? You need to set lose all the things that you are holding back. Ask your mind every time you are occupied with fear, what is beyond it? Because, every time…  Fear hides something from you, a wisdom & an achievement to rise over it.
Fear about losing people? That entirely is an emotional grace. But you know what? You love those people a lot, for whom you hold the fear of loss, yet it’s incomplete..the love. How? Because your little focus is diverted thinking about the loss & not loving them entirely. Erase the fear part, remember it’s a choice. Fill it with more love. Thoughts do cross our minds, I know. Danger is real. Fear is not.
We are blessed with something really wonderful, our mind, our brain. Let’s wrap it more towards connecting deeper to each other, that’s the key to loss of all fear. Let’s not be in control of various scars of this era and look beyond all of them, to finally know what’s beyond it?

This post is again written on the ‘word suggestion’ game. ‘Fear’ was an interesting word to share perspective on. Any more suggestions of the next word then please share it in the comments below! I’ll make sure interesting posts come up on it! 😉

Game of Words

You mastered the game of masks,
I mastered the game of words.
That’s how i caught your lies,
That’s how i know your disguise.
Your’s might be the story of rumors many heard,
But i see the face of cursed.
Ah, no.. not a curse of destruction.
Curse to be lost in self definition.
To find yourself out,
You’ll have to solve the riddles and clues,
Who can know to play with words so well?
If not the person to meet you into the blues!
Game of words, speak wisdom,
You cant trick them with masks and lies.
All it’s existence and beginning lies in those words disguised.

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