I see the silent streets,
Something in common i find,
With this melodious breeze,
And the song in my mind..
Somehow they rhyme,
With a blend of tunes in a line.
A story within is creating it all,
Everthing is going to change,
And in the right place its going to fall
The depth of blue in the sky,
And bond of everything we see..
Is soon going to fly.
I wish for the change, the world needs,
Its high time to tolerate..
Tolerate his bad deeds!
Its not the weapons or the metal that shines,
That will bring the evil to decline,
This time the revolution will be of souls,
The revolution will be of thoughts,
Power of minds will show magic,
They all will rise who once were called lunatic,
The mystries of all times will soon fall in place,
The world has yet to see its beautiful days.

© perspective capture. #Light#eternal glow#hiddenstory.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anil Wagle says:

    Nice poems and nice thoughts.


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