After being a teen, everyone sits on ur head asking about your career. Same case here, i wonder where i fit in! I cant imagine myself sitting in a place slogging and working for sheets of paper called Money? Shit! Complete shit. I was kind off against money system right from early age. As i grow up i still see it as the root of all problems! Anyways that’s a personal perspective. ‘Everything wrong with the world is they think everything is fine.’ Thats how i keep talking and thinking. I was always attracted to this theory ‘Phenomelism’ which talks about what happens to that section of area which is out of your optical vision. Like what happens at your back when you look in the front. The theory says, they disappear until you or anyone else around you interacts with it. Reminds me everything about Matrix! Amm.. yeah for me fictions make a lot of sence, dreams give better meaning than reality! Inception, X-men days of future past, Matrix etc are things that blow my mind! And trust me after such an abstract thinking or ‘perspective’ its hard to think about various so called realistic issues here! Its weird for many but they live a real boring life, i wonder it must be so hard to survive! Then this Sherlock series i saw recently! I found some hope there…! No! I am not thinking to be a detective..obviously! But i think i’ll have to invent a new career or something!  “Consulting…_____” I still dont know where i fit in! I take my own thoughts quite seriously. But learn a lot from others. I get more attached to Untold stories than the heros admired around. To see what many usually miss attractcts me! Unsealed series, Brain Games, Decoded etc are also my favorites. Things that challenge my brain, are impressive for me and makes me feel alive! After everything i like seems an abstract world i am close to nature and thats like a ‘mind palace’ for me. So in terms of Career that will blend eveything including my thoughts and likes, is really tough and this ride gets better and intresting everyday. With various twists in story and change in plot the journey keeps going! This roler coaster of career will remain the same i guess.
#Abstract #dailyblog #career.



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