Rellusion : A Blend Of Religion & Illusion

Today in a lecture our prof. started a discussion on the topic of Religion and the various effects of it. Many concepts were discussed, when while thinking about my views i had a different perspectiove on this.
According to me, religion is an illusionary concept created to set up something like divide and rule!
Human race as included in their humanitarian behaviour are meant to often be in the search for ‘hope’. Ever noticed every person praying in church or temple or mosque.. they all are there for a single story line that flows in the waters of hope. Manipulation is known to all, and is highly noticed in our society. Personally i am not against religious people but not ignorant enough to not notice various aspects in here. Religion now like stands as a reason to set wars or fights and conflicts within the countries.
“Every religion has a manipulated history” is a statement i always state in this topic. The God’s usually considered in religion often appear as philosophers being hyped by political individuals for their selfish means to create a new history to bring control under the concept of groupism.
Religion can be seen in various complex ways. Including phenomenons the opposite ones groupism and divide and rule. The religious books often state two things philosophy and the other part is often a manipulated story.
The hope seekers and followers are easy for manipulation. Acceptance of a story or anything becomes way smoother when the people see hope anywhere in the newly created manipulation story.
So according to me religion is an illusion yet hope for many. This even can be the reason that veil exists on the eyes of people to not see the truth. More the truth is seen more it is felt. The only heaven that exists is where we live in, the only God’s we see are souls of people including our own. And everything else depends on choices you make. Yes, philosophies exist…they have power to justify themself and they take us to the truth.
Religion talks for concepts that have many pores yet accepted. Think before accepting. Thinking is what needed for awakening and its already started.



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