Glimps Of Life I Feel

These weird dreams i see every night,
Rising above the horizons of the world,
Waking up from illusions at our sight,
I breathe in a different dimensional world,
A story of freedom, i wish to feel,
A story of being independent, i wish to live,
Something about the inner me i wish to find,
Find those lost answers hidden inside,
I want to step out in this adventure,
Where i find people of my frequency,
To walk and dance along the unknown ways,
Fly in the nature’s embrace,
To Explore what it hides,
The secrets these trees have kept in them,
Only with the eligible ones to share,
Nature has its on ways to set it all right,
I dont know if the things i think are right or wrong..
But its so different from these ppl who breathe in materialistic globe,
Who dream of heaven when they r destroying the one they live in..
They dream of stars to reach and forget that they took birth from the star that died,
This world is naive, from within,
They search for aliens,
Forgeting the creatures already existing,
They destroy, they harm, they kill and then try to search for the peace,
I just dont fit in their pieces,
I feel.
My dreams lie in the time wrap of today,
I want to work for the knowledge n not wealth,
Cz for me Thirst for knowledge is what that will stay,
That will stay with me.
I want to dance n sing, to enjoy every second i live,
Cz feeling alive is so beautiful and rarely known by any.
Make these sheeps realize to wake up indeed,
I want to sit calmly by the rivers n jump in a freefall,
I wish to Explore the heaven we live before it turns to hell,
With my will and like my dreams.. I wish to live them all.

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