Turn ur stars, make them dance around,
For the palace of peace u found.
Ever seen the glitter in ur eyes, that stays on for time,
When you look at the world your story shines.

When you lose your hold on the name sake life,
And breathe free in the place where its only you to rise,
Where you measure your time and the miles,
Where you know peace blends with your smiles.

Thats like sitting in your Mind Palace,
Where you rule and create your own space.
Where you see whats in you deep,
From where you start understanding the real world u keep.

Seek for truth you’ll find it,
Seek for answers you’ll nail it.
Thats the pixie dust magic of this Mind Palace of yours,
There’s where you’ll get to learn to work out the brain of yours.

Its not only like exploring the place you can create in,
But also like revealing the hidden secrets you have dugged within.
Beneathe the eye, you hide the strogest vision,
Thats where you can create the world of your version.

Emptiness will make more meaning here,
Having it all and living the satisfaction there.
Living like a spirit in you, feeling the soul in your body-case,
Thats like living in your perfect Mind Palace.


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