In search of Light? Look for you!

To find out how beautiful world can be, you actually need to step inside it. Everything seems unreal, but to find the way out of the tunnel you have to walk through it, with a belief that light lies somewhere! So to find this light we have to step in this world! And rather than accepting it, planning to enjoy the ride with crazy plans will make our journey memorable! Thats what counts!
Darkness? Its everywhere! Even when we close our eyes! But same eyes give us vision! So probably while noticing that its only darkness all around you, make sure you remember to open your eyes!
Past! Its a path you have already walked.. and that you dont have to walk again & again! That will only elongate your way and… light to reach will take the longest path! Future is ‘hope’, its beautiful always! Hopes can never be negative! Past, its a history you wrote. Write it like legend! It all depends on how we see it! Present, its what we have Earned! A Sign of victory! So celebration is a must!
Yeah so, exploring this world is moving closer and closer to yourself. Being ‘you’, where every single moment things are either manipulated, controled or some conspiracy is seen, is hard! Thats the challenge!
Its not easy finding ‘you’! Its only after breathing in freedom, diving in water, staring in the eyes of the animals you always called ‘wild’, walking in forests where simplicity lies in most complex yet beautiful form, meeting strangers, watching them live with complete different lifestyle we can think of. With every such different experiences we get inner peace, bit by bit.. and we see light, which helps to see ‘you’. And again its always beautiful!


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