Breaking Bonds


When you have something giving you stress and makes you feel like you have so many dreams to achieve ? You havent reached anywhere yet! Thats the correct time to look behind, just turn back with smile, laugh on things you cried, breathe in and recollect the moment that you dreamed of something so badly back then and you have it now with you.


Close your eyes and relive that moment and open your eyes and see that same thing you dreamed of before. When you think about it, from childhood whatever you might have dreamed of, you got many things out of them already, just forgot to cherish that win. Now when you have done that too, and with new dreams in your mind, you know you’ll get there soon too 🙂


Dreams get better as we grow. Reminds us who we are from within. Who this wild soul wants to be.
Soul is a crazy being with no limits and boundaries to stop itself, its the human body that have created all of it.
So ever felt like frustrated of the limits and boundraies? Just remember you have a soul! Live like one. Feel it. Know it. And you’ll know it all 😉


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