Sneak Peek!

This post.. dedicated to all my writers! Something about Whats like being a writer. Think of a person walking in the silent streets, in the shadows, silently watching everything with sharpest and finest perspective. A watcher, observer of the untold, unseen stories. Some are Preserver of the Legends. Some write their own. A hero in veil. Pen is mightier than sword, indeed.


Why a ‘hero’? Writers are born dreamers and obviously thinkers. Known for expressions. They are so beautiful in their imagination, some build their whole life in fantasy. The world sees’ it as a fantasy, but the person himself knows how it is to live it. And not to forget, most hero stories are created and the legends reach us cz of these ‘writers’! 😉


Being a writer dosent only shows that the person is good at imagination and words. It shows they are growing and helping people to grow. Some become hopes for people. Some show dreams to them. Some write stories that become escape land for many. Some create strength in the core of people’s heart. Some write history, some give birth to new future they see. Some write the thoughts they belive, some write to just make people smile. Some have that born talent, some learn eventually. But anyhow they reach hearts secretly and many never leave after reaching. 🙂


Writers life..! Oh, pretty much a mess for sure. They most of times learn after learning various lessons in life themself and then seeing the world sometimes from the weirdest angle possible and telling people like “Oh, come..come and see, its funny this way”. 360° is not a limitation, Dimensions is not a disturbance,  impossible has its no existence and thoughts have no boundaries. Thats like thinking like a writer.
I personally believe, every living being is a writer, they are writing their own story, in a way the other one is not experiensing. Stories match at various phases, but every story is different. Every story has its beautiful climax. Maybe not everyone can pen it down or express it the way writers do. Thats a special thing about the writers, observer and learner, from their and even other’s life.
….And thats like being a writer! 😉 Cheers fellas! 😀


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