The Story Of the Lands.

The story of Humanity walks hand in hand with the story of lands. Infact, both write their own history together. May it be the age of kings and queens or today’s democratic countries.
Humanity’s great legends or the beloved history stand on one misconception. One thats common in all, a flaw, un-noticed and still followed.
We grow up listning to the great stories about how people fight, struggle, rule, everything, on the name of land.
The great Kings and the Queens fighting for their “Glory of Land.” Shouting its name and wearing it like pride.
The Patriotic country lovers, fighting, dying for their own mother land. Holding their flags high they kill and they die.
Bravery to be remembered, teachers said. History that everyone learned and every mind recites.
Now.. lets hold on to our chairs, and watch these world wars, battles of the kings and every struggle fought for their beloved land.
The kings… they proudly call the land their own, its even named after them, they fight with those people who try to invade their land. True.
But twist, we ll look on the other side, the side of invaders, fighting for lust of money and mainly land. More the land, More the “glory”, history says!
New aged wars!! God! Thats like story of tug of wars of lands. Still going on! Land that raise profit bars, are thirst for the power holding countries.
Now in above all scenarios, the people living on the land, who most of the time have nothing to do with any of those battle plans die the most. The ones who never did anything face the result of someone else’s deeds. Fighting(sword fight, martial arts, etc) is an art to protect the weak and inocent,not to kill them. History is proof of the reverse, majority lives are lost of those unknown souls who are forgotten behind someone’s thirst of power!
And yet,the people remembered in history are those who fight! The creators of the fight on first place. Offensive? Okay, lets call them “leaders” of the battle, the way they are called! Both mean the same though!
Now finally after these twisting time rides, did you spot that flaw? That misconception for which we took a tour?
Too many guesses, more possiblities and flaws seen, but i am particularly talking about the glory they run behind, the lands they carve for. They fight, die and “kill” hundreds and lakhs of their own kind thinking to win a land, own a land, rule a land, to write the story of their glory.
The misconception is disguised here itself!
” We dont own a land, the land owns us!”
The land never took birth on us, we took a birth on it. We arent allowing land to stay on us, land allowed us. We die and be a part of it. So those battles fought with our own kind to achieve glory, victory.. all in the name of land, only separated us into parts and pieces.
The history written is half flowing in this misconception concept.
While the truth is completely different. The land, is a huge part of nature and nature has its own way of handling things. The lands they fought for, the kingdoms most built for presenting their glory..most are captured by the nature itself now, few lie far down the seas. Few broken by the earthquakes, few are omited forever by waves!
History shows us this too!!
We still are fighting for lands and power. And meanwhile, nature is plotting its plan too. Either oceans to suck us in, the earthquakes to break us..or some way to burn us. It wont differenciate then. Just will play its role.
Time, to wake up and correct mistakes we are making for ages.
To rise up and learn or wait and burn.
Change history before its too late
Or watch everything die like our fate.
Correct our history, before we become the part of forgotten history.
We are born from star dust, but never forget that it was dust.

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