Touching Dreams

And walking slow..
Slowly to the place I lived dreaming about.
Closer and Closer I get to the destiny in a steady flow.
The Peace, Silence and Calmness make me have a doubt!

“Where oh where am I”, mind kept chanting.
Place so known to Me, so close to me, yet unknown.
Why is that the dreams you dream about, miss the essence once touched?
Fly fly I reached in my land yet I ask where am i?
Dreams of the heart are true, yet something is left behind.
Secrets and truth lie here, that I always wished to find.
Yet something, somewhere is missing inside of mine.
Hunt little heart hunt! And I see the pretty pretty faces smiling fine.
They helped me reach the destination, by holding a map or showing the light.
Yet they had to change paths and had to win their own fight.
How beautifully yet late we learn?
It’s not the destination but the journey we need to earn!
Smile oh smile, you pretty heart,
This beautiful journey was a stunning art.
Look around the fights you fought, and the ppl you have.
Lucky oh Lucky you little soul are,
That you haven’t reached the destination and have so much to cherish along that road so far.
Breathe in and walk with head up high,
Lift your soul up n dance along the sky.
Cz this journey is all that it counts,
It was once something you wished badly for and that you found.


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