The untouched void <3

You wanna be a Ray of light,
Being the hope of minds.
Here, you’ll have to be the knight,
Because it’s the blackhole’s mind.
Even the light can’t enter n heal it fine,
It’s a mystery many try to know.
How easy it may seem to define it in a line,
But, oh it’s with millions of supernovas.
How empty it looks & how dark it seems,
The truth known by any? Just estimations written along
Reality lies inside for the one who tries,
But oh it’s scary, to the scariest nightmare maybe it belongs.
Indeed a mystery it remained all this while,
A million tries of many just a failure in disguise.
It was born after so many stories that died inside to take a rebirth.
No wonder, not many understand it.. oh that little mind is a prejudice.
And You little Ray of light?
Fastest of all they say in there,
How can you escape the touch of a black hole?
Nothing goes in to leave out here!
Aye hope of life of many?
Why you wish to stop your glorious speed now?
And so happily you call it your destiny!
Your choice and claims to fail the theories so fine
It’s your little Fatansy story,
Turn back now.. when you can.
Once touched the orbit of the heart,
Where many just can dream or assume to reach,
This black hole then pulls you hard,
They call it it’s gravity.
& that’s when you’ll have to lose it all.
Turn back, silly knight,
You don’t enter a war to see your own fall.


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