6 Things only Fiction lovers will understand!😇

(1) Every fiction seems to be the new possibility!
Fiction lovers are not necessarily just random movie watchers. In fact, most of them are crazy curious asses researching everything that blows their mind. So whenever a new science fiction movie pops up with a new theory, that’s like the new possibility the nerds might dig their head into!


(2) Fiction touches heart more than any other genre!
Harry Potter?! He’s someone we grew up with. One of our own. Right from he getting the scar till the part where Voldermort is defeated, all of it is the part of our childhood. No it’s not hyperbole…but the Ultimate truth.


(3) Laws of nature shouldn’t apply for our favourites!
We can’t digest the fact the characters are growing old. F.R. I.E.N. D.S is the best example. They can’t be old. No ways! Laws of nature shouldn’t apply to them 😭😭😠


(4) We want to be our favourite’s saviour always!
If our favourite character seems to get weak and is hurt instantly there is an inner voice popping out screaming “Take my energy gokuuu!” or even foul words if Naruto is hurt!


(5) Fiction is hope of life!
The superheroes are hope of our life. Right from Deadpool to Iron man. They have changed our lives & given hopes to love our lives a little more!


*Marvel fan alert!* 😂😂😉
(6) Usual life and Career seems boring!
The usual routine and careers suddenly seem boring. We kinda wish for some crazy lives too. It may seem monotonous to us… Yet We live  it anyway! 😂 “Is there any opening for a private detective? Eh?”😂😉


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