Precognitive Memory

Standing stunned right in front of the hotel built on the lines of a Bavarian Castle Neushwanstien, the one I used to have in my dreams and had to hunt it down to find it, was a moment that embraced my true nature. ‘See what’s beyond your vision, there’s a lot to question.’ Growing up believing this ideology and being the misfit in the crowd, I started my trip right in the moment of amazement. Walking in the castle replica, hotel Amrutha Castle, Hyderabad welcomed me into a dimension of surprises. Hyderabad is called the pearl city of India and indeed the oyster of various shades of life. Stories beyond history, culture beyond tradition and experience beyond emotions. The walk through the hotel would just have been one of the usual one, no one would have guessed a random college trip would start with questions towards the universe and it’s well stitched coincidences. I walked through the exact places I saw in dreams, wanting me more and more to visit the original castle. This was itself one step leading to another and just the beginning. The trip to Hyderabad gave me stories to embrace for life. That’s what travel is about I guess, reconnecting to life and exposing to rethink what you believe. I walked into the different realms in this place. The old city of Hyderabad had the vintage shade of the Islamic rulers with the spiral climb through the narrow way in the pillars of Charminar, to witness the city view through the eyes of the rulers. Abiding in the city centre I could see the different shades of the city like the Mecca Masjid besides, reflecting the serenity with people walking in for peace and the pearl market depicting the lively chaos of people setting free to enjoy the treat of embracing and buying pearls on the other side. Pure ironic. Experiencing one of the best site of this city, Ramoji Film City was amazing as it took us to the trail of man-made world of the various stories and films that came to life there.

This city had yet to change my perspective. One of the stunning attraction was the Birla Temple, made with pure white marble, carved into a complete exquisite detailed architecture was a gateway to a world of yet another experience. I realised there that being a devotee wasn’t even the criteria to feel the energies and vibes of peace within the ambience. I watched the peace get into the breaths of my friends so deep that few broke down in tears of pure happiness. To add up to this the kids playing nearby looking at the panorama of the city pointing out to the castle building saying ‘Look the prince and princesses stay there.’ Those were the moment I stepped back thinking, unknowingly we live in the stories that might be fairy tales for many and that peace didn’t need religion it needed the simplicity of life and the energy of hopes. We often forget to realise these life lessons, I guess that itself strives us to travel. To remember what we have, to experience what we need and to see what’s beyond the horizon of the thoughts. This trip had a lot in store to pen down in words, most of which evolved into memories of thrill, stories, lessons of life and experiences. Trip started with the precognition of a dream and it turned into an entire new reality teaching me to upgrade my perspective with each trip, each travel story and grow along with it. It was the unforgettable beginning of the quest of life that began with the curiosity to hunt for more such questions, lust of knowledge and thrill to live.

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