Cost of the dreams

“Everything you ever wanted badly, you surely get it at some point, but cost to it is always everything you earned till you get there.” Posted from WordPress for Android


You wonderful human lost in the game of masks, or it’s just one mask mastered too well? Posted from WordPress for Android

Mind’s mystery

Little sparks and little magic, twist & turns of pixie dusts, mix them all & it’s a story, Story in your dreams of my reality.✨ Posted from WordPress for Android

The untouched void <3

You wanna be a Ray of light, Being the hope of minds. Here, you’ll have to be the knight, Because it’s the blackhole’s mind. Even the light can’t enter n heal it fine, It’s a mystery many try to know. How easy it may seem to define it in a line, But, oh it’s with…

Blessed Curse

“The Blessing of being uniquely different, comes along with a curse of solitude” -Lady Mystery Posted from WordPress for Android


“You see the world with all rainbows n unicorns!! Even after meeting the demons so close! How?”, He asked. & her eyes shined with all the glitters, Cz she found her Knight by the fluke of the pixie dust!! Posted from WordPress for Android

Fairytale dream

This is a fairytale dream, that was once wished upon a shooting star. This is an unforgettable memory, that left a beautiful scar. Posted from WordPress for Android


“After every storm in a relation you either come to know how in an illusion the bond was weak, or you survive to realize stronger it gets.” Posted from WordPress for Android

Growing stronger.. :) <3

“Try breaking me all you can, the world gives it the best shot, yet I don’t care, Cz I know that’s just showing me how stronger the person I’ll meet is going to be who could mend all the inch of the broken pieces” 😉 Posted from WordPress for Android

The Dance of the Soul <3

Let my Soul re-learn the dance it forgot, & let it’s peace heal the scars inside. Oh, Soul of mine was an artist always, It will colour all your black phases into Rainbow days. Alive & bold the soul would dance, Nerves would reverberate in the beats of trance. Rebirth ritual it would follow everytime…