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Standing on the very edges of understanding yourself, is like having the mixed feelings of breathing freedom yet knowing the fear of tumbling down. Ever felt entangled? Attached to strings of your own thoughts? Having your inner peace in dreams that seem fantasy for this so called “real” world? Feeling like you dont belong here?
There are many reasons that will make you feel about this, remind you every now you forget. Having a mind constantly thinking of some co-incidental appearance of an escape plan that takes you away releasing you free from those strings. Its more like adjusting yourself when you know you are different.
Maybe someday it will work. I am included in the above catagory too. Till then, its learning as much you can, finding people of your frequency, understanding and seeing what majority miss and being you, trusting your thoughts and instincts is all one way to walk through it.
“Miles to walk more, who knows when your dreams would knock your door”
Any of your similar stories that you would like to share? I would love to know them. 🙂


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Time’s Now!!

All the time you have with you is now! No time can be called ‘wasted’ if you did what you love in that time. Spending every minute like you’ll never regret it, is all thats important. Everyday you wake up, its a new birth. New day.. of an era! A day given to create history.
Sometimes things seem low and hopeless, like you are going no-where..! All you have to do is change the direction and perspective towards it. Following your heart is most awesome lesson of life..! Running behind the time, supressing the wishes now..thinking like they are sacrifices for “better tomorrow”..Is one perspective.. but living in “Now” doing all you wanted.. right “Now” is having “better today”. Which many miss.
Time is ‘Now’ it starts now.. and never stops until your heart is young and filled with inner peace.
And these things you’ll only get after living the moment “now” like you want to.
Yes, trying hard for dreams is important  but not by supressing the dreams you can live in ‘today’. Your inner peace can make dreams come true with that ‘hard’work.. which with it.. will never seem ‘hard’.
Rise and “live” for you already living a dream. Design it the way you want it, ‘now’. Cz “Time’s Now”.


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