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Fear: Loop of traps


Fear has grown to be the disguised reason behind every misery including war, hate, religion, lie etc. Reason behind anything to rise high enough that we can’t see beyond it lies humanity is fear.
“Real enemy is fear, we think it’s hate but it’s fear” -Gandhi
Human mind is tricky, it can create entire new version of world inside it. One of it’s creation is ‘Fear’. It can build entire vast hold on it. Fear is a mere trap placed by your mind to stop you from seeing beyond it. It’s a mirage, just a negative one. It won’t comfort you, but take you far away from it.
Fear can be seen in different types including phobias, fears caused by lack of knowledge, wrong believes, cultures, stories, etc. Simply anything can lead to fear because your mind is its creator and it’s vast to fit all the universes in it.

“Fear is a choice. Don’t be mistaken, Danger…is real, very real. But your action towards it is your choice.” -After Earth  


All your actions to anything you frame as dangerous leads to a choice taken as fear. Emotions are highly connected to this concept. Anything that is precious can be lost, fear of loss. Mind games? Do you see it? Again, emotions are very real but choice of thinking about its loss or experiencing them right in the moment is the choice made. Fear of loss of things started because emotions of giving reduced. As humans will get closer to loss of connection within themselves, by connection I mean on the soul level… Subconscious level, more the fears will take over the human minds.
We no more can feel a soul to any depths. Feel someone’s pain, feel their happiness, like our own. It’s a rare phenomenon now. With loss of such depth, all we are left with fears that fill those blank spaces there. Fear of pain, fear of loss of happiness, more of common phenomenon now, so common that’s its now a part of human psychology & even in its study now


You see the point here love? You need to set lose all the things that you are holding back. Ask your mind every time you are occupied with fear, what is beyond it? Because, every time…  Fear hides something from you, a wisdom & an achievement to rise over it.
Fear about losing people? That entirely is an emotional grace. But you know what? You love those people a lot, for whom you hold the fear of loss, yet it’s incomplete..the love. How? Because your little focus is diverted thinking about the loss & not loving them entirely. Erase the fear part, remember it’s a choice. Fill it with more love. Thoughts do cross our minds, I know. Danger is real. Fear is not.
We are blessed with something really wonderful, our mind, our brain. Let’s wrap it more towards connecting deeper to each other, that’s the key to loss of all fear. Let’s not be in control of various scars of this era and look beyond all of them, to finally know what’s beyond it?

This post is again written on the ‘word suggestion’ game. ‘Fear’ was an interesting word to share perspective on. Any more suggestions of the next word then please share it in the comments below! I’ll make sure interesting posts come up on it! 😉


The untouched void <3

You wanna be a Ray of light,
Being the hope of minds.
Here, you’ll have to be the knight,
Because it’s the blackhole’s mind.
Even the light can’t enter n heal it fine,
It’s a mystery many try to know.
How easy it may seem to define it in a line,
But, oh it’s with millions of supernovas.
How empty it looks & how dark it seems,
The truth known by any? Just estimations written along
Reality lies inside for the one who tries,
But oh it’s scary, to the scariest nightmare maybe it belongs.
Indeed a mystery it remained all this while,
A million tries of many just a failure in disguise.
It was born after so many stories that died inside to take a rebirth.
No wonder, not many understand it.. oh that little mind is a prejudice.
And You little Ray of light?
Fastest of all they say in there,
How can you escape the touch of a black hole?
Nothing goes in to leave out here!
Aye hope of life of many?
Why you wish to stop your glorious speed now?
And so happily you call it your destiny!
Your choice and claims to fail the theories so fine
It’s your little Fatansy story,
Turn back now.. when you can.
Once touched the orbit of the heart,
Where many just can dream or assume to reach,
This black hole then pulls you hard,
They call it it’s gravity.
& that’s when you’ll have to lose it all.
Turn back, silly knight,
You don’t enter a war to see your own fall.


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