Fear: Loop of traps

Fear has grown to be the disguised reason behind every misery including war, hate, religion, lie etc. Reason behind anything to rise high enough that we can’t see beyond it lies humanity is fear. “Real enemy is fear, we think it’s hate but it’s fear” -Gandhi Human mind is tricky, it can create entire new…

Cost of the dreams

“Everything you ever wanted badly, you surely get it at some point, but cost to it is always everything you earned till you get there.” Posted from WordPress for Android


“After every storm in a relation you either come to know how in an illusion the bond was weak, or you survive to realize stronger it gets.” Posted from WordPress for Android


Wishing upon the shooting star? That shooting star is what you are made up of, its the story of your birth when that shooting star died on earth. So..next time you make a wish, wish it upon yourself cz you are that star that took birth to complete everything what you can call it like…