Fear: Loop of traps

Fear has grown to be the disguised reason behind every misery including war, hate, religion, lie etc. Reason behind anything to rise high enough that we can’t see beyond it lies humanity is fear. “Real enemy is fear, we think it’s hate but it’s fear” -Gandhi Human mind is tricky, it can create entire new…

Game of Words

You mastered the game of masks, I mastered the game of words. That’s how i caught your lies, That’s how i know your disguise. Your’s might be the story of rumors many heard, But i see the face of cursed. Ah, no.. not a curse of destruction. Curse to be lost in self definition. To…

Mind’s mystery

Little sparks and little magic, twist & turns of pixie dusts, mix them all & it’s a story, Story in your dreams of my reality.✨ Posted from WordPress for Android

Blessed Curse

“The Blessing of being uniquely different, comes along with a curse of solitude” -Lady Mystery Posted from WordPress for Android


“You see the world with all rainbows n unicorns!! Even after meeting the demons so close! How?”, He asked. & her eyes shined with all the glitters, Cz she found her Knight by the fluke of the pixie dust!! Posted from WordPress for Android

Unknown Happiness

‘What’s your “happiness”?’ They asked. And he went blank. Cz the only thing he could see as the answer was a face that he never saw. Posted from WordPress for Android

The Only Possession

The world was a secret place She was the only one to breathe Trying to blend in, she thought she might just fit in But soon she realized, her soul was her only “possession”. Posted from WordPress for Android

The Flawless Secret

They searched for the “secret” of her being so fearless “I am an open book” she would always sing,’that’s not possible’ they would say. And so…they never found the key for being fearless

Sneak Peek!

This post.. dedicated to all my writers! Something about Whats like being a writer. Think of a person walking in the silent streets, in the shadows, silently watching everything with sharpest and finest perspective. A watcher, observer of the untold, unseen stories. Some are Preserver of the Legends. Some write their own. A hero in…