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Reader’s Request: 1. Soul

After a pretty long time I have finally settled down to share all the vivid thoughts over the topic suggested by my favourite peeps out there. And first one I chose to share a perspective about is Soul!


Always been fascinated with this concept of “soul”. A shapeless energy form or the core of the real self is what soul is described as technically. But isn’t it intriguing how we have wandered around this quest of existence of soul as good as existence of God. Not saying that they are totally related but then just stating facts.
Soul is where all the answers lie. It’s a version which knows everything. Your soul is something that knows so much about you and everything else that all this life is about how closer you got to achieve your higher self, the ultimate version, your soul.

Life would be so much easier if we saw ourselves as a soul being inside a body vessel & not as a body vessel having a soul.

This quote was an eye opener to me years before when I read it for the first time. This was a little statement with so much of depth trying to remind us of how wrong we were right from the beginning. If we would see ourselves as a soul versions, our description of beauty might not be the makeup masked face or tall physique,gym body nor the character would be described by judgements passed based on the society norms. Instead beauty would be something that the soul would radiate. Character would be something the soul followed. And most importantly no one would be fake. Yep, seems so like fantasy! Because it literally strikes out half of the mess in the world, including racism, religious discrimination, sexism, wars & the list probably goes on.
So question is why? If we can clearly see it now where we go wrong why can’t we adjust to that n fix it? Like after reading all of that bookish philosophical stuff that you probably know & heard a lot about in a lot of places…why can’t you still see people’s soul but just their face & the physical form. Why can’t you see the soul radiating out of them flashing their character. Well answer is for that you’ll have to know your soul first. And by that I don’t mean bluntly accepting & concluding “yes I have a soul it’s inside me” just because everything in the world is telling you so! It’s an experience to actually feel it inside you & there’s a part where you realize that tadann that’s the real you the whole time. Just silently hiding there stuck inside this body and tadann one more surprise you realize you forgot why you got inside this body at the first place. Yes it’s Trippy & nope I’m not kidding. It’s exactly that way. Frame it in technical terms & again it turns into some philosophy! By the way this part was just the start of it. Here you actually realize there’s a soul in you. While all this might be scary to experience, to see it all is actually true, you start to see the bigger picture. Problems seem to be aligned in a way that you know a way out & what not. Things become clear. It takes a lot of efforts to actually get there not because soul is so complicated but because we are mostly blinded. Blinded by faith. By fear of what we might discover. Blinded by  materialism & you know the list would go on.
Point is that’s our choice, to take a step there & find out all the answers we are looking for. Or just turn around back into this race. Some never feel their own soul. Never! They are too busy with satisfying the body probably ending up stuck into never-ending pointless loop till they have their wake up call! 😉
Now that’s the thing, we choose to learn, to know & to experience everything we are about to and we already did. Making choices, Right choices to be precise is something our higher self would know better. That’s all the life is about. To evolve into something that you already are hiding beneath. Trick is just realizing how.
It’s as good as saying if you have a wonderful master brain inside you and you are given access to just 10% of it. What would you do? Adjust to everything around in the 10% given or evolve to access all of it & know what you really have? 😉 Choices you know.


Prejudice: Game of Illusions

Humans have tendencies to draw conclusions very quickly. Human brain tries to justify whatever they see or they think or they choose. This reaction takes place in the brain in matter of seconds. Many a times we conclude and stick to that point before knowing entire story of it. When it comes to relations, prejudice can play double role, a good one which often teams up with instincts and act as a warning and sometimes as worst as understanding a person completely wrong.

While walking across the streets if you come across a beggar who is hitting stones on dogs vigorously, you might conclude how heartless and insane it is to do so? Rewind this a bit, and you’ll see the dogs attacking the beggar, biting him and taking away the piece of bread he arranged for his meal.


This happened with me too. I had a fellow mate who was kinda hipster, all boozing and smoking and stuff. And we had this Art work going on which was going to be huge. And to my surprise, he joined in to help us with our art work. Trust me he was an mind blowing artist. Suddenly entire perspective towards him changed. He often spoke in one liners, but they were inspiring enough to get stuck in head forever.

Every story hides prejudices I feel. Conclusions drawn with an entire perspective not being considered. How does it feels when people don’t understand the real side of you? Mostly even if you justify, they’ll see what they want too and understand according to their perceptions only.

Even in the batman movie before you conclude the Joker was a criminal you come to know his side of the story, where he doesn’t actually seem to be wrong but legit. The habit of drawing conclusions is too quick that we forget the endless possibilities attached to it! Our entire universe is a part of a theory, it was all one theory, and now we believe it like an ultimate truth! Remember? Every story hides prejudices? Oh that was just to consider the possible boundaries of prejudices. So Interesting this small thing can get. So be alert when your thoughts are about to conclude, when they are trying to justify, just keep a silent check, are they playing the game of illusions with you?